NALC Region 4

Oklahoma - Colorado - Arizona - Wyoming - Arkansas

NALC Health Benefit Plan

Do you have questions about the NALC Health Benefit Plan? 

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2023 Color Coded Calendar

This color-coded calendar is used for the areas our region represents.  The same calendar isn't used throughout the whole country.  Please check with your local branches on what type of calendar they use in your area. 




Our Team

Nothing happens alone.  We have a great team at the NALC Region 4 office that is here ready to assist you when you need help.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you or your branch needs assistance.  

Dan Versluis

National Business Agent
NALC Region 4

John Robles

Regional Administrative Assistant

Christy Bowers

Regional Administrative Assistant

Jeff Hartman

Regional Grievance Assistant

David Miller

Regional Worker's Compensation Assistant

Regions 4 & 10

Richard Byrne

Regional Office Assistant

Contact us

Telephone: +1 720 828 6840

Fax:  888 493-4885


Address: 12015 E 46th Ave, Suite 550, Denver, CO 80239

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